Human Rights

Human Rights Watch – Eritrea Events of 2020

Two years on from the peace deal with Ethiopia, Eritrea’s leadership has increased its regional and international diplomatic engagement, but without improving the plight of Eritreans through critical human rights reforms. Eritrea’s government remains one of the world’s most repressive, subjecting its population to widespread forced labor and conscription, imposing …

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5 Human Rights Crises in Eritrea

500,000 Refugees, ‘Slavery-like’ Compulsory Service, No National Elections, Border Conflicts & Secret Prisons: 5 Human Rights Crises in Eritrea MAY 4, 2021 by Lila Hassan Isolated from the world by President Isaias Afwerki’s 30-year authoritarian rule, the east African nation of Eritrea remains intentionally unknown. “It’s impossible, or very difficult, …

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