Eritrean Lowlanders League (ELL) Statement on the Process of Rapprochement between the Ethiopian Government and the Eritrean Regime

Eritrean Lowlanders League (ELL) Statement on the Process of  Rapprochement between the Ethiopian Government and the Eritrean Regime

The Eritrean Lowlanders League has been closely and with great interest observing the changes taking place in the Ethiopian arena since the ascension of Dr. Abiy Ahmed to the premiership, and their ripple effect on neighboring countries, the Horn of Africa and beyond.

ELL’s interest on the current developments stems from its established principles announced in its manifesto document issued in March 2014, the positions in which were later reconfirmed by its founding conference that was held in July 2016.

ELL’s unwavering stand in this regard is for Eritrea to create and maintain positive relations with neighboring countries in particular, and the region and the world in general, based on common and mutual interests between all parties concerned.

Notwithstanding the historical bitterness caused by the long and fierce wars waged between the two countries, we believe that the relationship between the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples is distinctive and deep rooted. The fact that the two peoples share many common historical, cultural, and social factors is conducive to developing their relationship in all fields of cooperation to serve their bilateral interests and enhance regional cooperation and peace within the framework of mutual respect based on mutual recognition of national interests and the sovereignty of all concerned countries.

The current developments unfolding in Ethiopia, which positively resonated with the Ethiopian people’s demands for greater democracy and reform in the economic, social, and political spheres, are a clear confirmation that no voice, no matter how high, could overwhelm the voice of the people. It is hoped that these profound changes will positively contribute to further enhance and develop the system of good governance based on realizing unity in diversity, decentralization and fair sharing of power and wealth among all stakeholders.

As we closely monitor current developments with cautious optimism, we take into consideration the importance of the Ethiopian role and its positive and/or negative impact on the general course of events in the region. And its direct impact on the future of peace, stability, and economic growth, not only on the Ethiopian people but also the peoples of the region in general, and Eritrea in particular. What concerns the constituents of the Eritrean people mainly is that the changes in Ethiopia have cross-border effects and are proceeding on the course of apparent reshuffling of the regional current setup, especially concerning the relationship with Eritrea.

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